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Kraft Paper Pouches, Packaging & Bags

Our Kraft pouches are ideal for displaying a variety of products whilst providing a natural feel to your packaging. Our Kraft pouches are lined with moisture resistant materials to extend shelf life. Whether you need printed standup Kraft bags, 3 side seal pouch or windowed pouch, our wholesale Kraft pouches & Kraft paper bag specialists are on hand to help you.


Standard Material Structure: Kraft / PET / LLDPE

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SKU Description
PZN-0851452225KRXX03 85mm x 145mm Kraft, grip seal
PZT-1101702400KRXX03 110mm x 170mm Kraft, grip seal
PZT-1101852300KWXX03 110mm x 185mm Kraft Windowed/Kraft, grip seal
FZT-1301902000KRXX03 130mm x 190mm Kraft, grip seal, flat
PZT-1302102400KRXX03 130mm x 210mm Kraft, grip seal
PZT-1302252400KWKR03 130mm x 225mm Kraft Windowed/Kraft, grip seal
PZT-1602302450KRXX03 160mm x 230mm Kraft, grip seal
PZN-1602702400KWKR03 160mm x 270mm Kraft Windowed/Kraft, grip seal
PZT-1902562600KRXX03 190mm x 256mm Kraft, grip seal
PON-1902562550KRXX03 190mm x 256mm Kraft, open top
Pouch Types Pouch Features
Open Top Pouch Open Bottom Pouch
Folded Top Pouch Folded Bottom Pouch
Stand Up Pouch Flat Pouch
Side Gusset Pouch Box Bottom Pouch
Spout Pouch / Bag 3 Side Seal Pouch
Grip Seal / Zipper / Ziplock Euroslot
Rip and Zip Window
Tear Notches High Barrier
Laser Lines Puncture Resistant
Valve Punched Handle
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    Kraft pouches – the food industry’s favourite Kraft paper packaging products

    Kraft pouches, a popular type of standup pouch products, are widely embraced by many food manufacturers across the UK to help their products stand out in a competitive retail environment.

    What is a Kraft pouch?

    Kraft paper packaging has become somewhat of an industry standard when it comes to packaging food and beverages, especially when it comes down to showcasing organic products. Kraft bags have become popular due to their myriad of features – made from laminated PET and LDPE food grade materials, this style pouches are extremely durable, efficient and easy to transport and store.

    Key features of our wholesale Kraft pouches & Kraft paper bags

    Kraft pouches are a very resilient and puncture resistant form of flexible packaging, and can come in a standup format to display more effectively on a retail shelf when you compare them to alternatives. This is why they are a favourite both with big food brands and independent food producers who want to showcase their products in superior packaging to emphasise their quality.

    Reusable standup Kraft bags & pouches

    Kraft paper bags are convenient to use, as they allow customers to easily tear open and subsequently reseal. What’s more, the vacuum pouches keep your products fresh longer as they are made of Kraft paper laminated with PET, LDPE foil which also happens to be eco-friendly – perfect for the recycling conscious!

    What are the benefits of Kraft pouches?

    If you are looking for something extra sturdy, flat bottom Kraft paper pouches are the perfect choice for you. This style Kraft pouches offer exceptional sturdiness while maintaining the versatility of the packaging with quality printed designs. Flat bottom Kraft paper bags not only offer up retail shelf variety, but also have the added benefit of holding more product per square inch when you compare them to other pouches!

    Customised wholesale Kraft pouches – choose your style and sizes

    In addition to being able to determine the style, shape and sizes of your standup Kraft pouches, you can also choose whether they are windowed or not. To further increase your visibility in a retail environment, you can order printed Kraft bags with high quality designs guaranteed to catch your customers’ eye – brown Kraft packaging looks sophisticated, prints well and allows branding to stand out clearly.

    The ‘organic’ appeal of brown wholesale Kraft bags

    With environmentally conscious packaging gaining in popularity, Kraft bags are the perfect way to attract the more savvy customers who tend to be skeptical about the packaging of the products they buy and want only the best quality.

    Wholesale Kraft pouches for Bio products – the paper bags of the future

    Whether you are packaging freshly ground coffee, loose leaf tea or raw sweets, you can make sure your products look as natural on the outside as they are on the inside with our brown Kraft pouches. What’s more, customers with cleaner, more ‘bio’ lifestyle will be won over by the eco-friendliness of standup Kraft paper bags.

    View our stock pouches for more stock standup pouch packaging products.

    After something more personalised? Let our team create bespoke Kraft paper wholesale pouches for you.

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