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Coffee Pouches and Bags

We have an extensive range of colourful coffee stock pouches for you to choose from with or without a valve. Choose from stand up, square bottom, side gusseted and open top in a variety of materials and finishes. We also stock coffee pouch tin ties and pouch heat sealers available for next day delivery to seal your coffee pouches.


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SKU Description
FONV0902702000BKXX06 90mm x 270mm Black (250g)
FONV0902702000CHXX06 90mm x 270mm Aluminium (250g)
FONV0902702000BRXX06 90mm x 270mm Bronze (250g)
FONV0903302000BKXX06 90mm x 330mm Black (500g)
FONV0903302000CHXX06 90mm x 330mm Aluminium (500g)
FONV0903302000BRXX06 90mm x 330mm Bronze (500g)
PZTV2052552350BKXX07 205mm x 255mm Black, Grip Seal
PZTV2052552350ALXX07 205mm x 255mm Aluminium, Grip Seal
QONV1002252350ALXX14 100mm x 225mm Aluminium, square bottom (250g)
QONV1002252350KRXXS14 100mm x 225mm Kraft, square bottom (250g)
QONV1002252350WHXX14 100mm x 225mm White, square bottom (250g)
QONV1002252350BKXX14 100mm x 225mm Black, square bottom (250g)
QONV1202652450BKXX16 120mm x 265mm Black, square bottom (500g)
QONV1202652400ALXX14 120mm x 265mm Aluminium, square bottom (500g)
FONV1353602000ALXX04 135mm x 360mm Aluminium, (1Kg)
QONV1503252450BKXX14 150mm x 325mm Black, square bottom (1Kg)
SKU Description
FON-0902702000WHXX06 90mm x 270mm White (250g)
FON-0902702000BKXX06 90mm x 270mm Black (250g)
FON-0902702000ALXX06 90mm x 270mm Aluminium (250g)
FON-0902702000BRXX06 90mm x 270mm Bronze (250g)
FON-0902702000PUXX06 90mm x 270mm Purple (250g)
FON-0903302000WHXX06 90mm x 330mm White (500g)
FON-0903302000BKXX06 90mm x 330mm Black (500g)
FON-0903302000ALXX06 90mm x 330mm Aluminium (500g)
FON-0903302000BRXX06 90mm x 330mm Bronze (500g)
FON-0903302000PUXX06 90mm x 330mm Purple (500g)
FON-0903302000CHXX06 90mm x 330mm Chrome (500g)
FON-1003302000ALXX04 100mm x 330mm Aluminium (500g)
FON-1003302000CHXX04 100mm x 330mm Chrome (500g)
FON-1203452000WKXX03 120mm x 345mm White Kraft (1Kg)
Pouch Types Pouch Features
Open Top Pouch Open Bottom Pouch
Folded Top Pouch Folded Bottom Pouch
Stand Up Pouch Flat Pouch
Side Gusset Pouch Box Bottom Pouch
Spout Pouch 3 Side Seal Pouch
Grip Seal Euroslot
Rip and Zip Window
Tear Notches High Barrier
Laser Lines Puncture Resistant
Valve Punched Handle

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