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Eco Friendly Pouches, Packaging & Bags

Eco Friendly Pouches, Packaging & Bags

At Polypouch, we want to help brands make more sustainable packaging choices. With a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions available, we’re here to help you make the right choice for your brand, your consumers, and the wider environment. Our eco-friendly pouches are suitable for use across a wide variety of industries, as we remain committed to revolutionising the packaging market, one recyclable pouch at a time.

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Types of sustainable packaging available

At Polypouch, we offer a number of eco-friendly packaging options, including fully home-compostable, and various levels of recyclable stand-up pouches. You can find out more about each of our sustainable pouches below.

Fully recyclable packaging

Committed to producing eco-friendly pouches, all of our available pouches from stock can be fully recycled and sustainably disposed of. As our standard pouch consists of multiple layers, these layers will usually need to be separated prior to recycling. You can find out more about recycling our Code 7 pouches below.

Bespoke recyclable pouches

As recyclable pouch specialists, we offer a range of bespoke packaging solutions. With our custom design service, we can create pouches from single materials, for easy recycling. This form of recycling is classified as Code 4 and is equivalent to plastic bag recycling. We can also offer Code 5 pouches which are recycled kerbside by many councils.

Compostable packaging

Able to be disposed of in your at-home compost, we can also provide fully compostable packaging. Made from kraft paper with a PLA starch barrier lining, these eco-friendly pouches are available with a resealable gripper or zipper seal, which is also compostable, ideal for storing dry products.

The environmental benefits of our recyclable pouches

We’ve invested in producing stand-up pouches that are as environmentally friendly as possible. When compared to the production of other forms of packaging such as plastic pots, glass jars, and steel cans, flexible pouches require significantly less energy and materials to manufacture. This means, less waste is produced during the production of our recyclable pouches. What’s more, when transporting our stand-up pouch packaging, fewer pollutive emissions are released. That’s because, due to the flexible properties of our flat-bottom bags, more products can be transported in a single delivery, effectively decreasing the carbon footprint of brands and consumers.

Louise - Tea Supplier

Polypouch responded very quickly to my rushed order. As a new customer they provided detailed information on each product and we were able to arrange a fast delivery. Great quality pouches too! We’ll be a long term customer.  

Clare – Food Supplier

I love your customer service! Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the curry :)

Fabian – Nutrition, Health & Beauty Supplier

This helps me out tremendously and I now wish to confirm my first order. I look forward to receiving your invoice and appreciate your great customer service and flexibility.

Steve - Fishing Bait Supplier

They are perfect. Thanks for all your help through the process Eddie, you have been a real pleasure to work with

Colin – Nutrition & Supplements Supplier

Thanks again for putting up with us, especially after interrupting your holiday.  You were a huge help and I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone else trying to pursue something similar to ourselves. Hopefully we will be on to you again ordering more.

Kate – Coffee Supplier

Thank you Stephen - You have restored my faith in human beings! Will get back in touch early December!

Paolo – Beverage Supplier

Thanks a lot Elliot - Today you were my hero ;-) Let's keep the conversation flowing for future cooperations

Tara-Lee - Granola Supplier

Our experience collaborating with Polypouch in the production of our bespoke luxury Granola packaging
was incredibly positive from the very beginning. It is true they are always contactable and provide a
transparent, friendly and committed service. We would highly recommend using Polypouch for all your packaging needs. We will be without doubt. Thank you Elliot.

Order sustainable pouches from Polypouch

Whether you want recyclable, or compostable packaging, get in touch with Polypouch to discuss what we can offer that is best suited to you. Or, if you’d like further advice on providing your customers with more environmentally responsible packaging options, our team are available to help.

Further benefits of flexible pouch packaging

Our flexible stand-up pouches offer an alternative packaging solution that’s flexible, durable, and lightweight. As our standard pouches are made using laminated PET and LLDPE food-grade materials, our packaging includes high barrier properties that can protect products from outside elements, including moisture, dust, heat, oxygen, and UV light. With the addition of resealable functionality, our stand-up pouches are able to offer excellent  product shelf-life, making our pouches extremely popular in the food and drinks industries.

Available in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes, flat-bottom bags are an extremely versatile packaging alternative, suitable for use across a variety of sectors. From plastic and chrome to aluminium and kraft paper, you can tailor your packaging around the requirements of your products, providing effective product protection.

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