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15 May

Reasons To Package Coffee & Tea In Plastic Pouches

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, which naturally means the market is saturated with coffee beans to meet the demand, all packaged in different ways before they are offered to the customer. However, not all types of packaging are equally well suited to hold the precious contents. We’ve put together the main reasons why we think you should store your coffee (and tea for that matter) in a plastic pouch.

High barrier plastic pouches keep your tea/coffee fresh

One of the main benefits of storing your favourite morning cuppa condiments in a pouch instead of a jar or a tub, for instance, is the extra protection pouches give to the products inside. Thanks to the materials which go into making our high barrier pouches, such as VM-PET and aluminium, your tea stays fresher for longer – which is useful both when keeping in store, and after it’s reached the end customer and is put away in a kitchen cupboard.

Wide variety of pouch types available

When you are picking a pouch in which to store your tea and coffee products, you have a variety of different pouch types to choose from – depending on your needs, both company and product specific, you can opt for stand up pouches, resealable pouches and more.

Stand up pouches, for instance, are a favourite for products which need to be displayed in a crowded retail environment (supermarkets, specialist shops, etc.), while resealable pouches are great for providing extra ease of transportation and convenience for the end customer. What’s more, being able to reseal your coffee or tea pouch means an extra boost when it comes to keeping the contents fresh.

It’s good for the environment

Pouch packaging as a whole is a great eco-friendly packaging alternative to more established methods like pots, jars and tubs. Research shows that plastic pouches are more environmentally friendly compared to other packaging options both in terms of waste produced at the end of a product’s life and when it comes to the production of the pouches itself. It is our view that once stand up pouches are widely recycled, they will rank amongst the most eco-friendly packaging methods.

Pouch vs Steel Can, Pouch vs Glass Jar, Pouch vs Plastic Pot

Printed pouches make your branding stand out

Plastic pouches are extremely customisable when it comes down to the way they look, especially compared to other packaging options. Your coffee & tea pouches can be fully adapted to meet your requirements – you can choose the colour and transparency, as well as add on specialised effects, like UV spot gloss or matte varnish, and industry-specific features such as square bottom, grip seal and tin ties.

What’s more, having a large printable area to work with, as is the case with pouch packaging, is very beneficial when selling coffee, because it allows you to advertise your roast’s unique selling points – the origin of the beans, the strength of the blend and the preparation methods.

High-quality design service

If you are looking to optimise the promotional potential of your pouches, but you don’t have artwork to print on them, we also offer dedicated graphic design services. Our graphic design team can produce the highest standard of artwork for any type of pouch we offer, at affordable rates, so your coffees and teas truly have the chance to stand out against other brands.

If you are looking for the best coffee & tea packaging, why not get in touch with our pouch packaging specialists and order a free sample. We are always on hand to advise you on the best options to promote your products and help you place an order.