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30 Aug

Benefits of tea and coffee pouch packaging

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth and retailers are battling for buyers’ attention with unique, eye-catching packaging.

However, not all packaging types are made equal and as specialists in bespoke stand up pouches, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that wow consumers with practicality and looks.

Here are the top three benefits of our coffee and tea pouch packaging:

1. Your products stay fresh

Whether it’s freshly roasted coffee beans, speciality coffee, ground coffee or loose leaf tea, our clients need packaging that locks in and preserves the succulent flavour and aroma, whilst keeping moisture and bacteria out. We use high barrier materials in our coffee packaging bags and tea pouches to maintain the freshness of everyone’s favourite morning cuppa condiments both in the store and in the kitchen cupboard.

How to seal Kraft coffee bags?

That is a question a lot of customers ask. Many artisan coffee shops and tea houses are packaging their products in Kraft bags for their loyal customers to purchase and take home. And while most Kraft coffee bags tick the box of looking appealing and organic, customers will often face the issue of how to store them once opened.

Resealable coffee and tea pouches are just the thing to tackle that problem. The resealable Kraft coffee bags available from our Kraft pouches range will allow customers to keep their beans and leaves fresh and keep them from spilling, without making them any harder to access.

2. Your packaging stands out

Kraft paper stand up pouches and other types of tea and coffee packaging bags also come with a large printable area. You can use this in a number of ways to boost your brand image and promote the unique selling points of your coffee or tea.

Beautifully designed labels can showcase key product information such as the origin of the beans, the strength of the blend and the roasting method. If you are labelling packaging for tea, consider including extra ingredients, brewing time and the essential instruction ‘milk or no milk’.

Take your coffee pouch design to the next level by including an illustrated step-by-step guide to brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee. Our in-house design team will create high quality artwork for any type of coffee pouch or tea packaging from our range, so your products can really make an impression.

3. Your design requirements are met

Another stand up pouch feature our clients love is the customisation options we offer. You can play around with the way your tea and coffee pouches look, adding functionalities to suit your product requirements.

Stand up pouches are a favourite for displaying products in a crowded retail environment (supermarkets, specialist shops, etc.), while resealable pouches will add that extra ease of transportation and convenience for the end customer.

As well as industry-specific features such as square bottom, grip seal and tin ties, you can also customise the look of your coffee/tea packaging bags by experimenting with their colour and transparency, as well as adding special effects such as UV spot gloss or matte varnish.

Experience the benefits of bespoke coffee pouches and tea pouch packaging first hand – get in touch with our pouch packaging specialists and order your free coffee/tea stand up pouch sample today.