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15 Aug

Foil Packaging for Medical Products

Packaging medical products has traditionally been a difficult decision due to the lack of available options. That’s why the versatility and safety of stand up pouches has quickly made them the go-to industry choice for packaging.

The move to stand up foil pouches as a preferred packaging method has resulted in a wide range of medical, laboratory and biological products being sold this way. Everything from pharmaceutical products, medical products, herbs, seeds, powders and proteins are now available within foil pouches and bags.

Before you make up your mind about placing a stand up pouch order for your own medical offering, we broke down the key things you need to know about foil packaging:

What is foil packaging and how is it used for medical products?

You’ve likely had prescription pills which come in a pack, each pill sitting neatly in a clamshell where it’s protected from humidity and contamination by a seal of aluminium foil. We call this type of foil Blister (or, indeed, Clamshell).

We also work with laboratories and medical companies who use foil packaging to safely transport medical devices and samples. These include:

  • Blood sample bottles
  • Petri dish
  • Wound care
  • Life-saving valves such as the resuscitation valve
  • Medical accessories such as catheter and other tubing sets

The benefits of foil packaging for pills & tablets

As a leading supplier of Aluminium foil pouches, we provide one of the best barriers in the flexible packaging industry. This is how our pouches will benefit you:

  • The PET, Aluminium and LDPE laminate of foil packaging will keep your samples and products safe from contamination.
  • Foil packaging will also provide a barrier against oxygen, moisture, biological, chemical, and even aroma. Your products will maintain their safety and integrity from manufacture to the moment they reach the end customer.
  • The aluminium pouches are easy to seal with the hand held or machine heat sealers we supply.
  • Foil pouches will make your packaging even more consumer-friendly, since they are resealable and allow for repeated use.
  • You can even do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint when you switch to foil pouches! They are designed to be lightweight and stackable, which makes them easier to carry and transport.
  • Avoid legal risk by clearly displaying important information about your medical products on the labels of your foil packaging. We can even provide bespoke high-quality custom labelling when you order foil pouches from Polypouch.

Aluminium foil packaging for health food

We also have many customers from the health food industry switching over to aluminium foil packaging and making the most of the waterproof and contamination-proof food-grade pouches. In fact, you can see many popular health foods such as Protein Powder, Wheatgrass Powder, Cocoa Powder packed in stand up pouches.

Nutrition and supplement manufacturers choose our foil pouches because they are consumer friendly, easy to reseal and incredibly flexible. Flexibility, in particular, sets foil packaging apart from jars or tubs – standup pouches are much easier to post or transport, and take up less storage space both in shops and at the homes of end consumers.

Plastic foil packaging supplier

As a health food supplier, you want your products to have high visibility on the retail shelves, and the Polypouch team can help with that! We can provide striking custom designs printed on our range of aluminium foil pouches, which you can get in different sizes and closures.

If you want to order foil packaging for your laboratories, medical products and health food supplies, simply call us for a quote, make an order, and we’ll invoice and deliver your aluminium stand up pouches.

To get those stunning custom prints on your packaging, just send your artwork in when you make the order. We will then handle the bespoke printing production for you and coordinate with you on the delivery time.

Get in touch with our pouch packaging specialists and order a free foil packaging sample. We are always on hand to advise you on the best options to promote your products and help you place an order.