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25 Nov

The rise of pouches in cosmetic packaging

From shampoos and shower gels to hand soap and skincare, we have recently seen a rise in pouches being used as a form of sustainable cosmetic packaging.

The benefits of cosmetic pouch packaging

While pouch packaging may be easy to seal and resistant to spills, its recent increase in popularity has stemmed from consumer demand for more sustainable packaging solutions.

As pouch packaging is lighter and more flexible than other forms of packaging, such as tubes, bottles and tubs, it is considered to be a much more efficient and sustainable method of packaging cosmetic products. That’s because, with pouches, companies are able to transport more products in a single journey, cutting back on the emissions released during delivery. With an ever growing demand for sustainable packaging alternatives, cosmetic brands are beginning to turn to these varying forms of pouch packaging, in a bid to curb their mounting impact on the environment.

The uses of pouches in cosmetic packaging

As a sustainable and secure way to package both dry and liquid products, cosmetic pouches are starting to pop up all over the cosmetics industry.

Shower and bath products

Pouch packaging has provided cosmetics companies with a flexible and sustainable alternative to single-use packaging. For liquid shower products, such as shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner, spout pouches allow customers to effortlessly transfer and empty up to 99.5% of the contents inside, making them an ideal form of cosmetic refill packaging. Whereas, for dry bath products, including bath salts and bath bombs, stand up pouches create a durable packaging solution, keeping the contents dry and fresh between uses. Resistant to spills and simple to use, cosmetic pouches have become a secure method of packaging, sealing and delivering both liquid and dry shower products.

Skincare products

As skincare brands have started to recognise the environmental benefits of cosmetic pouch packaging, there has been a notable rise in the number of moisturisers, hand creams, cleansers and exfoliators being packaged in spout packaging. Thanks to their flexible and resealable design, spout pouches are the perfect solution for skincare brands looking for lighter and more efficient forms of cosmetic packaging.

Hand soap and sanitiser

With the surge in demand for hand soap and sanitiser, cosmetic companies began to offer their products in refillable pouches. Thanks to the lightweight and flexible shape of pouch packaging, companies supplying hand soap and sanitiser were able to ship more products, meeting the growing demand without the release of extra emissions. Easy to use and convenient for refills, pouch packaging has supplied both brands and consumers with a much needed sustainable packaging solution.


For more information on spout pouches, stand up pouches and how each be used as a form of sustainable cosmetic packaging, get in touch.



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