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Cocktail packaging: the versatility of resealable alcohol pouches

Cocktail packaging: the versatility of resealable alcohol pouches

The food and drink industry has increasingly been turning to spout pouches as the perfect flexible cocktail packaging solution. Now widely used for a range of different consumables, spout pouches enjoy a special place in the spotlight when it comes to packaging pre-made cocktails in a pouch.

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Whether you’re selling freshly mixed cocktail sachets or frozen alcoholic drinks in pouches, spout alcohol pouches are the perfect choice. Uniquely able to preserve the freshness of content longer, pouch cocktail packaging offers a revolutionary solution for bars, restaurants and drink retailers.

In addition to frozen pouch cocktails and fresh cocktail mixes, spout pouches are great for sample cocktail packaging. Versatile in both function and size, alcohol pouches provide the perfect opportunity to test the waters with new cocktail recipes or mix things up with themed cocktail packages. Plus, you can customize your cocktail sachets with eye-catching designs and high-quality prints.

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The benefits of packaging cocktails in a pouch

It’s no wonder spout pouches are basking in newfound popularity during the pandemic. The many benefits which make alcohol pouches so popular for cocktail packaging include easy filling, minimised spillages and reduced waste.

With a revolutionary shape which allows customers to squeeze out up to 99.5% of their contents, cocktail sachets are the go-to choice for sellers of frozen cocktail pouches. Alcohol pouches are also popular amongst bars offering takeaway cocktail packages which let customers mix their own drinks at home.

The economical shape of spout pouches is another benefit which makes them so attractive. Easier to store than bulky cartons or bottles, flexible cocktail packaging makes it more convenient to store frozen cocktail pouches, both in a warehouse and at customer homes. Besides, cocktails in a pouch are much easier to transport, be it in bulk or as individual takeaway deliveries.

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Why customers love resealable alcohol pouches

Cocktail sachets are a consumer favourite thanks to the ease of access they offer. Securely sealed and easy to carry, cocktails in a pouch are a revolutionary solution for boozy picnics, garden parties and home cocktail nights alike. Plus, alcohol pouches can be resealed, allowing customers to safely store the unused contents of their cocktail packages without compromising the freshness.

As well as helping to reduce waste, frozen alcohol pouches are an economical and eco-friendly option attractive to environmentally conscious customers, since they take fewer natural resources to produce than other cocktail packaging alternatives. That, combined with the efficiency of transporting lighter, more compact cocktail sachets, makes frozen pouch cocktails the best cocktail packaging option on the market.

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