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08 Mar

Which is the right pouch for you?

With plastic rapidly gaining popularity as the preferred method of packaging across various industries, the use of polypouches (also known as plastic pouches or standup bags) has also increased accordingly – the flexible packaging industry is blooming nowadays, because of the environmental advantages and versatility it offers in a market where eco-friendliness and adaptability is highly valued.

Along with the growth in popularity of polypouches in recent years comes a certain amount of inevitable confusion about what is the best type of pouch you should use to best package and promote your products. Especially because they are so adaptable that they can be customised in shape, size and materials according to your unique specifications. We’ve put together the top questions purchasers should ask themselves when choosing what type of plastic pouch to order, complete with what we hope is a helpful answer:

o Does it need to be on a retail shelf?

If the type of products you offer need to be displayed in a retail environment – be it the crowded supermarket, a drug store or a specialised shop (like a pet store or fishing supplies store) – you should choose a stand up pouch as the basis for your packaging.

Moreover, if you wish your products to truly stand out in a crowded marketplace, Polypouch offers a variety of printed and bespoke pouches which can be fully customised to your requirements, complete with specialised effects such as matte varnish or UV spot gloss. We also have a dedicated pouch Graphic Design Studio that is dedicated to producing bespoke artwork to further boost your brand.

o Is it going to need to be used on multiple occasions by the customer?

One of the key reasons why pouch packaging is so consumer-friendly is the fact that grip seal closures enable easy opening and closing of the pouch for a repeated use of the goods. Not only is the resealable pouch more convenient, as it keeps products both fresh and easily accessible, but it is also the preferred choice for consumers who are interested in reducing the carbon footprint and wastage of natural resources by using environmentally friendly packaging!

There are many different applications of grip seal pouches, and in particular food and drink pouches – they are ideal for storing fine condiments such a flour, and make for great coffee and loose leaf tea packaging.

Resealable pouches are also ideal for health food packaging – such as protein powder and food supplements – fresh and untampered with, along with making it a lot harder to spill.

o Do you want something extra sturdy?

When it comes down to choosing the most stable polypouch for your products, the flat bottom pouch is a definite winner – it offers exceptional sturdiness while maintaining the versatility of the packaging. Some of the benefits of choosing a flat bottom pouch are the variety it adds to retail shelves and the holding capacity it offers – it holds more product per square inch than other pouches! In addition to the more typical side gusseted pouches Polypouch offers, we also have alternative materials – check out the Kraft pouches we have available.

Another great choice for sturdy packaging is the high barrier pouches offered by Polypouch – they can give products an extra bit of protection and keep them fresher for longer thanks to the materials we use – laminated aluminium, PET, PP and PE. An industry favourite are definitely our protective and economical high barrier food and drink pouches and bags – the spout pouches, for instance, are a great choice for juice and alcoholic drinks.

o Do you need the plastic pouches for medical packaging?

Despite the fact that for the most part the medical industry still prefers blister packs and single-use pouches for products such as pumps and syringes, the use of resealable pouches, flat pouches and side gusseted pouches in the industry is significantly increasing for outer packaging and safely transporting medical samples and devices. Aluminium foil pouches are an ideal choice, as they provide great high barrier flexible packaging available in the industry, and Polypouch is a leading supplier for them.

o Does it need to lie ‘flat’ i.e. in a freezer and then ‘stand up’ in a consumer environment?

Our resealable pouches are made with ease of transportation and handling in mind, as well as the convenience of the customer. Widely used for frozen food packaging, resealable pouches can store anything from frozen vegetables to frozen meat, helping them maintain a good shelf life.

o Are you competing with household brands and need to use premium materials?

In a highly competitive marketplace, the way your product packaging looks is a key point to consider when ordering plastic pouches. Polypouch offers a wide variety when it comes to product presentation – our pouches are available in clear, chrome or coloured finishes, as well as many others.

Our coloured polythene pouches are an ideal choice if you wish to make your goods really pop out in a retail environment – they come in a choice of blue, magenta, orange, red (perfect for Christmas packaging) and black (well suited for Halloween goods).

Alternatively, our transparent pouches are a great choice if you wish to ensure customers are able to see your products – those work especially well with colourful treats and sweets which do all the attention-grabbing work themselves.

To find out more about what type of pouch would best suit your individual requirements, or any other information about our pouches, stand up bags, spout pouches, or our green policy, contact our team today!