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08 Jan

Resealable pouches and their uses

Food Storage: Resealable pouches are widely used for frozen food packaging as well as for dry fruits and snacks. High barrier pouch properties can generally keep food products fresh for over 6 months – this will, of course, vary depending on the product.

Jewellery Storage: If you are selling arts and crafts, particularly jewellery making items, then you will know the convenience of resealable polypouches first-hand. Pouches are extremely good for small jewellery items such as beads, clasps, crimps, among others. They keep your products free from dust and moisture. For customers, resealable pouches mean they can access the content easily, and then reseal it for later use.

Stationery Storage: Resealable pouches are extremely good for stationery items such as rubber bands, cable ties, and paper clips. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler selling stationery items to school-going children and offices, then packaging your stationery items in resealable pouches are ideal.

Medical Storage: The use of pouches in the medical industry is constantly on the rise. Although the medical industry generally prefers single-use pouches for single-use products like syringes and pumps, increasingly they are using resealable pouches for items in transit, as well as for keeping charts and information sheets.

Resealable Pouches at Polypouch

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