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15 Sep

Flat Bottom Box Pouches

Flat bottom pouches have many names, some call them box bottom bags, box pouch, square bottom pouches or side gusseted bags. At Polypouch, we lovingly refer them as ‘the Pouch that thinks it’s a Box!’

We openly acknowledge that the design of a flat bottom pouch is very clever. It offers exceptional stability while not losing the versatility of pouch packaging. The flat bottom feature also means it can hold more product per square inch while some even argue that it offers greater visibility on the retail shelves. One thing is for sure, the flat-bottom design has led to a surge in popularity.

At Polypouch, we have a range of quality flat bottom box pouches for your considerations:

  • Chrome Flat Bottom Pouches – made from materials laminated PET, VMPET and PE, these silver aluminium pouches are designed to keep your products fresh for a considerable amount of time. You can either seal with a heat sealer or tin tie. Pet food manufacturers love to package their products in these. We carry 120mm x 220mm; 140mm x 240mm, 160mm x 260mm, as well as other dimensions.One significant advantage is there are five panels of printable surface areas (front, back, bottom, and two side gussets) for you to promote your brand as well as include important information. Many manufacturers choose to print barcode at the bottom, keeping the other four sides for branding and essential information.
  • Clear or Transparent Flat Bottom Pouches – made from materials laminated with PET and PE, these clear (or transparent) grip-seal with valve flat bottom pouches are a hit with snacks and confectionary manufacturers.
  • In addition to the above two, we also have flat bottom pouches available in Kraft material if you prefer.

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